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Mar. 12th, 2013


She was 16, drunk enough that she couldn't walk and was frequently unconscious. But she DIDN'T say, 'NO!' so it wasn't really rape. Welcome to the world of rape culture.

Sooo, by this logic, if I decide to walk into your house and beat you unconscious with a baseball bat, I'm not breaking any laws because you failed to tell me not to do that while your brains were spread all over the floor. Get it through your heads. It does not matter if she is passed out and doesn't say no. It doesn't matter how she dresses or if she teased you a little and then backed out. Rape is rape. You are a rapist. And, in my opinion, all men who rape a woman deserve to be gelded, just like we would geld an over aggressive stallion. You took her choice. Why shouldn't we be allowed to take yours? I am sick to death of this 'well it was there, so I took it' attitude about rape. I'm sick of this idea that, just because she wasn't wearing freaking sheet over her head and a chastity belt, it is okay for a man to force himself on her. And I am sick, sick, sick of hearing about 'legitimate rape'. Rape is the act of a beast. Actually, that is an insult to animals, as most of them play a courting game and the FEMALE decides who gets to have sex with her. I think the fact that there even needs to be a debate about rape (which has next to nothing to do with sex, FYI) says something about humanity. Something disturbing. If a child is playing on the sidewalk and someone takes them, that is a crime. If someone's car is taken by a carjacker or a theif, THAT is a crime. If I walk up to you on the street and force you to give me your money at gunpoint, that is ALSO a crime. So why is it okay to forcibly rob me of my self respect, my sense of safety, and place YOUR body inside of MINE? Oh, that's right. Because I'm a fucking woman. Thank you, fucktards of the world, for making me wish I belonged to any species but human. And anyone that feels the need to come back with some smart ass retort about rape not being wrong or any woman deserving what she gets, this is your warning. I am a mean little psycho. I will make your life a living hell.